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June 25th 2016

Vancouver BC
Akasha Studio for Creative Learning - 15303 31st Avenue, Surrey, BC V6Z 6X2

RAD and Chelsea Lee

$299 + GST (includes training, RAD Yoga manual & RAD Kit)

What you’ll learn during this training:
  • What is Myofascial release (MFR)?
  • The science behind SMR
  • Why integrate SMR into your yoga practice?
  • Do’s & Don’ts of SMR
  • The 5 RAD Roller mobility tools and associated release techniques
  • RAD Yoga principles of practice
  • RAD Yoga teaching methodology
  • RAD language for clear and concise SMR & Asana cuing
  • RAD Sequencing Principles: how to intelligently release, align and stabilize the body so that the practitioner feels open, connected and rejuvenated by the practice
  • Teaching lab: class planning & practice teaching
    What you’ll receive:
    • RAD Yoga Manual
    • RAD All-In Kit, which includes the RAD Roller, Helix, Rod, Block & Rounds
    • Discount on RAD Mobility 1 online training for further learning and video resources
    This training is for you if you’re:
    • A yoga instructor
    • Passionate about continuing education,
    • Keen to learn additional therapeutic skills to better support your students & clients, and
    • Interested in learning when/why/where/how to apply myofascial release techniques.RAD Yoga

      How to sign up:
      Reserve your place today. Email and let us know you're interested in taking your Yoga to the next level.

      Why RAD and Yoga:
      RAD Yoga combines the brilliance of self-myofascial release (SMR) with the ancient science of yoga. SMR, commonly referred to as foam rolling or trigger point release, is often recommended by fitness trainers and manual therapy practitioners as a way for patients/clients to perform manual release on themselves.  Well now RAD Education is bringing this effective treatment to the yoga studio. During this training, yoga instructors will be taught the theory & science of SMR, as well as the necessary skills in order to intelligently integrate the use of RAD mobility tools into their classes or private sessions.

      RAD Yoga classes are capable of creating deeper release & connection in order to increase both passive & active range of motion, as well as body awareness, while decreasing pain.  While SMR & yoga are powerful practices on their own, we have developed an educational platform to heighten the knowledge of yoga instructors so that their students/clients can harness the benefits of manual therapy, as well as functional movement in order to create lasting change in their body’s movement patterns and pain cycles.

      Myofascial release has become increasingly popular for improving mobility, preventing injury, augmenting performance and aiding in recovery from exercise.  The entire line of RAD mobility products is designed by experts to closely replicate the touch of a trained massage therapist.  These tools provide controlled, acute point release, move waste materials out of your soft tissues and encourage proper spinal alignment.  Combine this soft tissue therapy with yoga asana for the most efficient and effective treatment you’ve ever given yourself!

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