Our story



Innovate. Re-innovate. Re-re-innovate (if that’s what it takes). A relentless drive for better is what keeps us ahead of the pack, and it’s why RAD never stops chasing the purest form of functional, earth-shattering design.


Movement live in both the mind and the body. RAD connects the two. Our deep knowledge and professional experience fuel our thought leadership in movement education for health professional, athletes and every living, breathing human in between.


Healthy living is our lifeblood. We know that active people live longer. We also know that they tend to be happier. That’s how we know RAD plays an important role in helping people stay motivated and in-motion day after day after day after...


Our moms were right. Honesty is always the best policy. RAD does right by our customers, our partners and ourselves by developing reliably high-quality products, delivering consistent customer service and never making a promise we can’t keep. Not one.


Business can be serious, but life doesn’t have to be. The essence of RAD is exactly what it sounds like: it's completely and utterly rad. This is the place where ideas become action, passion meets professionalism and good times run rampant. That’s the way of our world.