Is it possible to combine a tissue recovery accelerator with righteously RAD bodywork? The answer is yes, and these Recovery Rounds are the undeniable proof. The masters at Yoga Medicine wanted to create a softer roller that would revitalize the fascia and build tissue resilience with a gentler touch . Research has shown us a critical element of our muscle tissue health - hydration of the fascia. We wanted to round out our line (see what we did there?) with a versatile and less intense tool aimed at finesse and optimization. Together we made tissue mobilizing magic.

Recovery Rounds Dhs. 100.00


 Born from a body-benefiting collaboration between Yoga Medicine and RAD - we’re basically BFFs at this point - these gentle-touch massaging rounds wake up your muscles and stimulate your nervous system for total body recovery and calm. Use them...umm...everywhere.

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • BPA, latex and plastic free
  • Made of eco-friendly silicone
  • User guide included with 14 + uses
  • 2.5 inches, 5.5 ounces each

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  • “If you’re looking for better tissue recovery, maintaining or increasing mobility or working with pain or soreness, we believe you’ll feel the difference with our new Recovery Rounds.”


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    If you compare our tension-blasting RAD Roller to rolfing, our Recovery Rounds would be a relaxing Swedish massage. These wildly versatile tools turn down the volume on pressure to promote calm in your mind and throughout your parasympathetic nervous system, which controls involuntary actions like digestion. You’ll love using these baby blues on your neck, back, hips, shoulders...pretty much anywhere that could use a relaxing touch.


    Fascia is the thin web-like tissue that surrounds and connects your muscles, and much of it is made up of water. When your fascia is tight and restricted, it’s like a dry sponge: it can’t move well, and—bummer—neither can you. Fascia needs hydration, so our Recovery Rounds gently knead your fascia to get it “flowing.” Daily use encourages more water and fluids to pump freely through your body.


    Research shows that rolling your muscles can have more than just a physical effect. It’s also neurological. As you roll, you awaken the nerve receptors in your muscles, and our friends at Yoga Medicine noticed that they could achieve the same results with softer bodywork tools. Our Recovery Rounds are made with soft silicone (think the density of a used tennis ball) to lightly awaken and create awareness of your tissue without roughing it up.

    the NEW ROUNDS on the block

    Is your RAD Block sad and lonely without a RAD Roller to keep it company? Our Recovery Rounds are the same size as a standard RAD Roller to fit perfectly in the RAD Block storage slots.