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Travel can be an exciting departure from our regular routine but just because you're on the road doesn't mean you should neglect your regular healthy practices. In fact you need to be even MORE diligent considering the realities of travel.  Driving to the airport, riding around in taxis, carrying heavy luggage, standing in line-ups and sitting for hours in cramped seats can really take a toll on how you move and feel. Other variables such as time change, jet-lag, dehydration, altered eating habits and sleeping in a foreign bed just make matters worse. Our body craves movement and unfortunately travel can sabotage our ability to stay active. The Rad Roller and Rounds are great travel buddies for giving your body some TLC to work on those stiff joints and achy muscles. The tools are light, compact and small enough to tuck away in your carry-on bag. All you need is a bit of knowledge so that you have a quick routine to work through. Self-myofascial release can improve circulation, decrease excessive muscle tone and stiffness but most importantly reduce pain and improve how you feel~~~And who doesn't want that while you travel?
Here are the common postural issues that you need to focus on addressing:
  • As a result of excessive sitting we tend to flex our spine forward and our mid-back (vertebrae T4 - T8) becomes kyphotic (Kyphotic means too 'flexed forward')
  • Our shoulders get pulled forward, which closes down the nerves of the shoulder and neck
  • We often look down at a book, laptop computer screen or television on the airplane for an extended period of time which pulls our neck forward and overworks all the muscles.
  • We start sitting with the best of intentions in an upright position but then the pelvis slides into a posterior pelvic tilt which shortens the hip flexors and locks the glutes short.
    Try these 4 techniques when you're on the plane, train or automobile:
    * RAD Round used on the arches of the feet and palms of the hand
    * RAD Roller on the neck
    ** RAD Helix used for the lats and hip flexors
    *** RAD Rod used for the calves and quads
    Once you've reached your destination perform this simple routine in the hotel room:
    ** RAD Round and Block used on the glutes
    *** RAD Roller with Block used on the back of the shoulders
    **** RAD Rod on calves

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