Learn how to confidently and effectively utilize your RAD Roller in this experiential video series. Grab your Roller and follow along as we guide you through using self myofascial release evidence-based practices. We'll cover the top 5 most commonly restricted areas that this tool was made to offer its support, both in the upper body and lower body.

You'll also be introduced to how self myofascial release works with the tissues of the body and how it's all interconnected from head to toe. You can use some or all of these sequences in your every-day routine, warm up, cool down, and even on recovery day. Reduce your risk of injury, improve performance, recover faster, and be proactive in your self-care.

What's included?

  • 24/7 lifetime access to all videos
  • Upper body and lower body routines you can easily modify to fit your needs
  • Printable PDF User Guides
  • Information about fascia and human movement
  • Easy-to-follow principles that can be applied anywhere on the body

Ideal  for those interested in:

  • Improving mobility and recovery
  • Reducing stress
  • Unlocking higher performance potential
  • Reducing the chances of injury
  • Designing personal or class fitness sessions
  • Moving and feeling better