With the Helix being such a versatile tool and unique design, there's almost no limit to where we can use it to provide ourselves some relief. So in this video series you'll be able to follow along as we explore the upper and lower body while using our evidence-based self myofascial release techniques.

We will also make note of what is happening underneath the skin as we are rolling, the connection between the tissues in the upper and lower body and how we can improve running power and speed, the role that lymph plays in how we move and feel, and how we can reduce the likelihood of shin splints.

What's included?

  • 24/7 lifetime access to all videos
  • Upper body and lower body routines you can easily modify to your needs
  • Printable PDF User Guide
  • Information about fascia and human movement
  • Easy-to-follow principles that can be applied anywhere on the body
  • Bonus module: how to combine the Helix with another RAD tool

Ideal for those interested in:

  • Reducing the chance of shin splints and other injuries
  • Improving mobility and recovery
  • Unlocking higher performance potential
  • Designing personal or class fitness sessions
  • Moving and feeling better