Stacy McCloud

Stacy McCloud

NPC Bikini Competitor and TV Host

Simply put, Stacy McCloud (Simply Stacy) is a born and raised southern girl, National TV host/journalist, blogger, hard core gym junkie, flexible dieter and NPC bikini competitor with a passion for motivating and inspiring others.



  • "I have to admit that stretching was always at the low end of my priority list. I soon realized what a negative impact this was having on my body and made a commitment to start incorporating more stretching and rolling into my weekly fitness regime. Having RAD products at home to use in conjunction with my fascial stretch therapy sessions has made a world of difference in my recovery, strength and even my on posing when competing in Bikini Bodybuilding."


    Las Vegas, NV


    P!NK She is such a strong, talented, bad ass woman!


    I’ve been in TV/Journalism for 15 years!


    I am really bad about over analyzing everything!! I also waste way too much time on social media! But who doesn’t, right?


    I honestly love all the foods that I meal prep!! I am certainly not a good cook, but since switching to Flexible Dieting I’ve gotten so creative in my kitchen and I love it! My breakfast mug muffins (smothered in nut butter of course) are something I look forward to everyday and my new obsession is pan “fried” polenta!! But I do love a really good pizza (with ham, banana peppers and of course cheese).


    The only hobby I have is far from secret and that is lifting at the gym and going to a Nashville based Muay Thai boxing class called HotBox. I did once take private Muay Thai classes and only sparred with the boys! That was pretty cool!


    I was an Entertainment Reporter for years and had the opportunity to work with so many musicians, so this is a really hard one! I love such a wide variety of music and really love the EDM scene (especially Trap stye music.) Not sure I have a favorite band, but my favorite artist is the same as my “girl crush” … P!nk! But I can’t forget my other two lifelong favorites … Michael Jackson and Dolly Parton!


    There are so many motivating people out there and I love looking at their social media, youtube and webpages. But looking at pictures of myself from the past and also how I’ve progressed with each competition season is what gets me going! You have to be your own inspiration! Don’t ever compare yourself or your goals to anyone else!

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