RAD ROLLER Massage tool


Compact and Precise

RAD Roller's patented design creates range of motion at each single joint of the spine, without putting undue pressure on spinous process (the little bumps that poke out in the center of the back). Because its size allows it to fit nicely in between the shoulder blades the RAD Roller is one of the only tools that can help successfully create length in the neck and motion in the ribcage.





RAD Roller massage tool



Fits In Your Pocket

Smaller than typical foam rollers, the RAD Roller can travel with you. You can't always control when you'll carry excess stress, but now you can carry your RAD Roller and be prepared to eliminate almost any source of muscle tension.



Controlled Release

We designed the RAD Roller because we wanted something that works without compromise, something that closely replicates the hands and pressure that a massage therapist can bring. The RAD Roller is the closest thing to getting worked on by a therapist.