by Info Sales February 23, 2016 1 min read

ryan van asten

When you think of hockey players what comes to mind?

Tough, strong, athletic, passionate.... Did we say tough? 

Staying fit and healthy over the 20 game season requires constant attention. Players have to work both hard and smart. For this reason they trust a team of experts to ensure they bounce back game after game. 

The players on the Calgary Flames trust Ryan Van Asten to keep them fast, strong and agile all season and Ryan trusts RAD Roller. 

"The RAD Roller and RAD Helix are tools that we utilize every day in our training and rehab. They are both great for soft tissue management and mobilizing the thoracic spine which is critical in the sport of hockey.” - Ryan Van Asten Calgary Flames

stanley cup

RAD is proud to be in the locker rooms and sidelines of the Calgary Flames and other top teams in all sports. 

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