by Alison McLaughlin April 12, 2016 1 min read

If you’ve stopped by our booth at a show then you’ve probably seen the RAD “mascot” hanging out in the booth or just maybe you’ve seen him riding shotgun with Tyler, grabbing coffee at one of our favorite coffee shops throughout the world, or heck even getting searched by TSA (happens sometimes when you’re made of brass).

Ganesha is the Lord of Success and destroyer of evils and obstacles.  He is also worshiped as the God of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.  By receiving his grace, we receive the grace of all.  He removes any potential obstacles and enables our endeavors to succeed.  He came to us mid-2015 at a festival where one of the many RAD friends stopped by and claimed Ganesha as our Spirit Warrior; and when you travel as much the RAD team does there’s no time for obstacles or hiccups to halt us. 


Next time you go for a Roll on your favorite RAD tool, snap a pic with your adventure buddy, post it, use #rollingwithGanesh and we will pick a winner to receive a free T-Shirt (winner will be picked on June 3)!  Also keep an eye out for #adventuresofTylerandGanesh as you never know where we might be!

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