by January Corteza May 06, 2015 2 min read

Our bodies, injuries and levels of comfort are different yet we often make the mistake of only using one tool or method to address everything.

"When all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail" - Abraham Maslow

This was our inspiration behind the design of the Original RAD Roller. Our objective was simple:

Create a self massage tool that is affordable, portable, durable and effective. 

We planned to improve on all the areas other massage tools failed. Foam rollers are uniform throughout and therefore inadequate in addressing the area along the spine, yet countless people use them on their back the same way they would along their IT band. Foam rollers lose their shape as foam compresses and the design becomes less effective.

Foam rollers are also big. Even the travel sizes are difficult to fit into a carry on bag, let alone a purse. The newer generation of rollers with different materials fail in portability and effectiveness but also price.  $80 for a massage tool you can only use at home is too much.

We also wanted to rid homes, gym and clinics of the taped together lacrosse or tennis balls. Aside from obvious durability limitations, the density and effectiveness are rarely at a level to be truly effective. We dont duct tape weights together to get stronger, why duct tape tennis balls together to recover. Using the right tools for the right job make a big difference in the result. Tennis balls are great....for playing tennis.

Tennis balls are too soft and lacrosse balls are too firm, which is why you need products made for your BODY, not sports. The texture is smoother than anything that would be taped together and can be cleaned easily with soap and water. Weighing less than a pound and sized small enough to fit in a coke can the RAD Roller is very portable. Because the Roller is made from a single mold with durable rubber the dimensions across will be consistent every use. Even the fiercest dog would have a difficult time tearing it up but if it did, at $24.99 you would be able to buy a replacement and afford rent. 


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