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Team Bio
The Clif Bar Cycling team began as a masters road team & pro cyclocross duo back in the ‘90s, Team CLIF Bar CYC/MTB/CX has evolved to include a crit-focused domestic-elite road team plus a pro cyclocross & pro mountain bike squad.Team CLIF Bar CYC/MTB/CX has always prioritized its accessibility to the fans and its ability to leave a positive impression with those that the team comes in contact with.  In 2014 the team launched the American Criteriums project to expand the access fans have to the TCB Cycling program and to the big, colorful, exciting criteriums across the US. 
2015 saw the storytelling grow into the United States of Criterium project (#CLIFUSoC) in partnership with Peloton magazine.  For the 2016 the USoC project returns in full force following the team's adventures.  The 2016 project will include the addition of a 3-part film series to compliment the print & social media pieces, bringing race fans even deeper into the unique, sometimes nutty & often action-packed world of bigtime US criterium races. 
 Clif Bar Cycling Team
"Team CLIF Bar CYC/MTB/CX is thrilled to welcome RAD Roller on board as a sponsor for the 2016 season -RAD products will be traveling with the team to races all over the US, where team riders & staff will put the RAD rollers, rods, balls & helixes to good use."
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