by Alison McLaughlin May 26, 2015 2 min read

The RAD Roller was designed to be the most effective, portable and durable massage tool.  

The shape had to fit the human body, the feel had to be inviting yet stiff and it needed to be affordable and portable. The Original RAD Roller satisfied all of the criteria but there were customers that wanted something stiffer.

Instead of trying to challenge people's perceptions we challenged ourselves to create a stiffer product that still retained the design and initial feel that makes all RAD Roller products unique.

The RAD Roller Stiff has the same diameter and spacing as the RAD Roller Original. It also has a slight give upon initial touch, similar to a human hand. This prevents the impulse of tightening up usually associated with contacting a hard object. Think about how your body reacts when laying your head on a concrete block instead of a pillow.

The difference between the RAD Roller Stiff and the Original is the density. After the initial touch, the Stiff has a much harder feel. The Stiff also has a rigid center, making it great to use sideways, especially when placed in the RAD Block.


So which RAD Roller is right for you? This answer will depend on your background with myofascial release, your body type, your commitment and the areas you plan to use it.  
If at least 2 of the statements below apply to you, the RAD Roller Stiff is a great choice. 
  1. You need a massage tool primarily for the lower body.
  2. You are used to regular deep tissue massage and will use the RAD Roller several times a week. 
  3. Your body tissue(fat or muscle) makes it difficult to reach deeper trigger points.  
If only one of the statements apply to you, consider the Original or Soft options or better yet, buy the full RAD Roller Set and get all 3. 

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