by Alison McLaughlin August 14, 2015 2 min read

The RAD Rod replaces the foam roller, stick and whatever those medieval looking things are.

Like all RAD products, the Rod is designed for the body. The goal is for anyone to pick up the Rod and intuitively begin to use it to release tension over a variety of areas.

The Rod's uniform surface allows for both fascial release and deep trigger pointing. Unlike spiky products, the flat surface works like a wave, rolling out muscles and releasing toxins from the lymphatic system. The Rod has a smaller diameter than "sticks" and foam rollers so the Rod can hit specific trigger points other products can not. 

Despite being smaller in diameter, the Rod is stronger than other products. It has a steel core that wont bend like plastic sticks. The solid center has a subtle soft foam outer layer so direct pressure can be applied without causing the body to tense from making contact with a hard surface. Just like the touch of a massage therapist's hand, the initial feel of the Rod allows for a moment of relaxation before working into the muscles. 

Lastly, its portable. The size puts the control in the hands of the user. The Rod can be used all over the body without needing to shift positions or get on the floor. The Rod fits in carry on luggage or under a car seat. No need to leave release at home. Find your relief wherever you are with the Rod. 

For the ultimate in self massage, pair the Rod with the Helix. The Helix was designed to slide over the Rod and provide a unique experience, especially along the spine. 

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