by Info Sales January 04, 2016 2 min read

RAD Innovations, LLC (RAD) today announced the acquisition of TRS Tension Relief Systems, Ltd. (The Activ8r), a Vancouver, BC-based company providing advanced massage tools to the physical therapy, rehabilitation, athlete market, as well as to wellness conscious customers.

The combination of RAD’s patented line of mobility products used by yogis, chiropractors, professional athletes, general fitness enthusiasts and everyone in between with TRS’s products creates a company with best in class self-myofascial release (SMR) products and educational programs.

“Compliementary products and strong inroads into the Canadian market aside, we are most excited about the individuals at TRS that will join RAD and what this team can accomplish together,” said Joshua E Hensley, President of RAD. “The collective biomechanics and osteopathy expertise of this team is going to be leveraged to build out our educational and accreditation platform. We want RAD to become a household name for self-myofascial release, massage and posture improvement.”

Curtis Christopherson, founder of TRS added: “When we first started talking to RAD, we had no intention of selling or merging with another company. However, through continued conversations, we realized that TRS and RAD were aligned in terms of vision and philosophy and in our opinion RAD was a step ahead of the competition as it relates to their focus on innovation and the quality of products that they deliver to the had the best products in the industry. It became apparent that a business combination could be very beneficial to both companies.”

RAD plans to release several new products in 2016 and the Company is in the process of rolling out accreditation and educational classes on myofascial-release in the US and Canada so please check back for more exciting news in the short-term!

About RAD Innovations, LLC
Based in Denver, CO, RAD’s cornerstone product the RAD Roller was created to enable muscular mobilization without putting damaging and painful pressure on the bones in the neck and back. This patent-pending design soon expanded to include three different densities, and before long, its success spurred the invention of an entire series of RAD mobility products. RAD is, quite literally, inspired by human movement, and people of all walks of life now use these tools to create relief in nearly every muscle of the body. 

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