by RAD Roller UAE Admin October 04, 2016 2 min read

The training has gone well, diet is relatively clean and there have even been a few nights of 8 hours of sleep that have left you feeling strong in the mornings, yet you still doubt if you're ready. 

From now until the race, the muscle that tends to get the most work is between the ears. Opinions from friends, social media, and even well-meaning blog posts will creep into the mind and create doubts. Has training been enough or too much? There is a slight pain in my foot, is it broken? Amputation before or after the race? Maybe a gluten free diet will make me run fast? Vegan? Raw chicken?


While these questions are not ridiculous, they are most likely to cause unnecessary stress. The best thing to do is relax mentally and physically. Below are some strategies to help you keep a level head.


Set out your running gear and nutrition. Commit to it. If anything needs to be replaced then do so now but only replace like for like. Don't attempt to upgrade or try something new. Committing now will make the race expo seem less intimidating and you won't be tempted to find something "better."
Make a marathon playlist. Metal, hip hop, country, classical or something else. Running is a great time to tune into our thoughts and focus on our breathing but having music that inspires or distracts us from other issues can be a great way to relax. Using playlist in preparation will create a familiar soundtrack to rely on race day. All the race day nerves can be reduced simply by putting on your favorite Slayer or Taylor Swift track.

Not much more to say here. 8+ hours is great. Get it. 

Using the suite of RAD products to release tension and tight muscles is great way to avoid those final week injury worries. No need to get aggressive, just work in some sort of regular routine. Best time is often before bed. Set out the gear, turn on the playlist, roll out tight muscles and youll be relaxed and ready for a great nights sleep. For a few running specific RAD movements check out our YouTube channel. 1. BE RAD
AKA have fun, be fast, do your best. All the cliches you hear...they're true. No matter if its the first or the 100th, a marathon or half marathon or 5k, having the opportunity to apply training and test limits is special.  There are many things that can go wrong but don't forget attitude is always within our control. Make a commitment to be RAD now and carry through with it on race day.

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