by Alison McLaughlin May 04, 2015 2 min read

Georgie Meehan is a young distance runner from Australia. 

3rd U18 Australian 3000m Championships.

13th World Schools XC Championships Slovakia

2015 Goal: World University XC Championships.

She races any distance ranging from 800m to 10km, but prefers races over 5km in length, especially over a cross country course, "As this is where distance running is made interesting!"  

Despite having only been alive for 22 years, she's been running for half of that time and training seriously for 6 years. Her training consists of running 6 days a week. Over those six days she works in a mix of long runs, easy shorter runs, fartlek training, tempo runs and intervals. She has also recently added in a few strength sessions each week, which focus on injury prevention and improving technique and credits the use of the RAD Roller to maintain mobility and keep her muscles loose between sessions. 

She had this to say about the RAD Kit: 

There is nothing worse than not quite being able to hit the right spot when self-massaging. The RAD Roller is my go to tool for deep massage, and when this is not enough; the RAD Rounds are great for more precise relief. Before training, I like to use the RAD Rod or RAD Helix, which are both great for more general flushing of muscular waste and tension. I am grateful that people who understand the athlete have created such practical and easy ways of treating soreness!

In addition to improving performance she runs as a means to discover new places when travelling and socialize as many of her friends also run. Her favourite place to train is at Eastern Gardens, in Geelong Australia. There is 2.2km (1.36 mile) loop within this park, which is soft under foot, perfect for shorter runs or tempo sessions. She even included a Strava link for those interested:

Look for more from Georgie in the future. An early starter with this kind of work ethic and passion holds great promise. 

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